Our Values
CareCapital team has developed unique values in long-term investment and business operations,
which helps CareCapital achieve its commitments while accelerating development of its business portfolios.
Positive Energy

CareCapital believes that the success of dental and oral care industry lies in steady, long-term cooperation, as opposed to zero-sum game.
Long-term Dedication

CareCapital believes that heavy investment in technology and services make great enterprises. One would not go far by chasing only short-term gains.
Open Cooperation

CareCapital believes that the rapid development and diversification of dental and oral care industry require an open mind for external cooperation, partnering upstream and downstream, and with peers.
Unlike other investors, CareCapital always urges its businesses to create a happy and stable working environment for employees and to ensure the sustainable development of suppliers and distributors, instead of blindly pursuing growth. CareCapital urges against a culture of always seeking negotiation leverage and profiting from win-lose outcomes.
Mr. Jesse Wu
J&J China

CareCapital team is the pioneer investor into China's healthcare industry. In the development history of Lepu Medical, CareCapital has produced a profound impact on us with its long-term perspective, deep customer and product focus, and open cooperative styles.
Mr. Pu Zhongjie
Lepu Medical

CareCapital team has a deep understanding of the dental industry and is willing to continue to invest in new technologies and research. In addition, they have a good knowledge of the working culture of western universities and enterprises, meanwhile they are down-to-earth in China. These qualities accelerated the international cooperation between dental academia and industry.
Professor Eric Ting

UCLA - Tenured Professor

Former Chair of Orthodontics / Founding Chair of the Division of Growth and

Development Department (Orthodontics and Pediatrics)

The open mind and the global cooperation network of CareCapital have greatly helped the development of Carestream Dental. I commend the CareCapital team for having a great business network and reputation across different fields of the global dental industry.
Lisa Ashby
Carestream Dental
Global CEO
Each time when CareCapital members communicate with me, they are always talking about training of dental doctors, clinical quality improvements and technology empowerment. They are different from all other investors I meet whom always talk about going public. Deep focus in dental is the attraction of my working with CareCapital.
Tang Yiqiang
ATop Dental DSO