About CareCapital

As an investor dedicated to the global dental and oral care sector, CareCapital is committed to advancing the mega-trends, and working closely with industry leaders. 

Since its founding, CareCapital has invested extensively in the dental and oral care industry in China, North America and Europe, covering products and technologies upstream, software, training and distribution in midstream to dental services downstream. The total revenues of the businesses owned or partly-owned by CareCapital is over USD 1 billion. 

CareCapital explores and supports technologies, brands and enterprises spanning the entire dental industry to advance industry mega-trends, and meet the needs of doctors and patients. CareCapital facilitates exchange of cutting edge ideas and technologies across different regional markets. CareCapital cooperates with top educational institutions to integrate education, research, clinical practice and social welfare. This is how CareCapital commits itself to building a collaborative network for the dental industry. 

As a long-term investor, CareCapital continues to make large-scale investments into growing existing enterprises and new businesses every year. Our work for the next few decades is just beginning. 

CareCapital team consists of seasoned healthcare investors, dental entrepreneurs, professional dental managers and dental practitioners. Before getting deeply rooted in dental and oral care market, the partners of CareCapital founded the first organization to specialize in healthcare investing in China, and nurtured the growth of Lepu Medical, Wuxi Apptech, Citic Pharma, Amcare Hospital, Harbin Pharma, China Biologics, Bausch & Lomb and other leading healthcare enterprises.