About CareCapital

CareCapital Group, founded in 2015 in Hong Kong, is an investment and operating group committed to building dental and oral care industry for the digital age. 


Since its founding, CareCapital has invested in over 40 enterprises in the dental and oral care industry. The asset portfolio of CareCapital encompasses various leading players in the segments of training and education, products and technologies, software and distribution, and dental services. The geography of such portfolio spans across Asia, North America and Europe.  


CareCapital Group believes dental professionals are at the forefront of ensuring quality of care and commits to supporting dental professional with innovative & enabling products, technologies and services to help dental professionals achieve patient satisfaction, while at the same time cherishing and preserving heritage from medical pioneers and respected thought leaders in dentistry.


CareCapital Group collaborates with renown dental education institutions to support programs that nurture science and innovation, disseminate best clinical practices and to ultimately broaden access to quality care.